Wiffle Lever To Full!

Daleks, Death Stars and Dreamy Sci-Fi Nostalgia…

Suburban Star Wars… Volume 1

Hello! It’s not too late to say ‘Happy New Year’, is it? I was desperate to get it in before the end of January. And no, that’s not a Richard Keys quote.

Anyway, after a pitiful showing in 2010, I’m determined to put a bit more stuff on this blog during the twelve months of human existance that government scientists are already calling ‘2011’. I’ve made some extraordinary discoveries in the loft recently, so expect a few more ‘Nuggets…’ to come your way very soon, and my Uncle Trevor – recurring star of the now ancient historical document ‘Wiffle Lever To Full!’ – amazingly managed to repair an ailing hard drive containing thousands of my old radio interviews, so I’ll be transcribing some more Wiffle-friendly chats with a flurry of childhood TV heroes.

(And yes, this is my Uncle Trevor dealing with a similarly uncooperative piece of hardware during the Summer of 1981)

In the meantime, I’ve been slowly adding to my collection of vintage Star Wars figures. Dedicated followers of this rubbish will remember that, in 1986, I flogged my entire collection to a travelling toy collector who advertised her services in the classified section of the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette. She gave me fifteen pounds for the entire, planet-sized collection after my Mum sagely assured me that ‘no-one’s interested in Star Wars any more’.

Amazingly, though, these  are two hardy survivors of my original collection that somehow slipped through the net… Han Solo on his trusty Tauntaun, pictured riding bravely across the fearsome Ice Patio of Yarm during a recent cold snap.

As C-3PO nearly points out in The Empire Strikes Back, ‘Artoo calculates that the chances of surviving an afternoon on Bob Fischer’s patio in the middle of January are approximately 725-1.’

‘Of course,’ he continues, ‘Artoo has been known to be wrong. From time to time’. 

As has my Mum, obviously. I forgive, but I never forget.  

More Suburban Star Wars pictures to follow.


  Chris Orton wrote @

Do you remember the Darth Vader figure Bob? He looked really, really, really weedy compared to the real thing (I think that the toy was modelled on David Vine rather than David Prowse) and I never quite understood why he had had to have an operation to slit his arm open so that his lightsabre would be retractable.

I think that I gave away all of my figures to Andrew in the end. Why do we do these things?! We know that we’ll want them all again some day…

  bobfischer wrote @

Darth Vader is currently resting on a shelf in my living room next to a pile of Charlie Brown books. And yes – he’s certainly shed a few pounds since his heydey in the late 1970s! The Empire’s favourite branch of Greggs must have gone up during the first Death Star attack.

They’re beautiful figures, though… I know they’re tiny and clunky compared to today’s toys, but there’s a real love and affection for the films gone into them. I saw some of the more modern Star Wars figures in Forbidden Planet the other week, and some of them look like He-Man in desert fatigues.

  Vain Sharp Dad wrote @

My Dad gave away my entire, full Star Wars collection when I went away to Uni.

All of the original figures, AT-AT, Falcon, Hoth Base – ten years of my childhood.

Forget? NO.

Forgive? Hmmm….

  bobfischer wrote @

Solidarity, brother… it’s a common theme here. My radio cohort Shack is still genuinely in pain because his Mum gave all his Star Wars figures to the local school jumble sale in the early 1990s. He was only 12 at the time! I have visions of him frantically scrambling around in jeans and jacket pockets for change so he could race over and buy them back. It’s like something out of a dark, recurring nightmare.

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