Wiffle Lever To Full!

Daleks, Death Stars and Dreamy Sci-Fi Nostalgia…

Readings, Signings and Wafflings…

No live appearances planned at the moment, but it’s always worth checking back here! Thanks to everyone who’s been to see me so far though, and amazingly no-one has seen fit to throw a cup of hot coffee over me and complain that I didn’t write a chapter about Farscape…



  simon wrote @

next time you’re in London, do you fancy doing a turn at our bookshop. We’re a new independent, and I reckon our customers would love it if you were up for some frivolous evening reading and maybe answering a few questions.
If you need bribery, we could provide you with some lovely home made cake.

  Alan Burns wrote @

Strange thing this, I am on holiday and found your book on the shelf where departing holiday makers leave their read books.

I picked it up and if I am honest I thought well its not my sort of book, but I read the first two pages and now I am hooked!!! It is a trip back to younger more innocent times, mixed with todays world; FANTASTIC!!

It will not be staying here in Menorca but making the trip back with me to Leeds wether its finished or not!! Hope to see some readings or signings in Leeds (we have a forbidden plant…..)

Thanks for a great read but more importantly a great trip!!!!!!!

  bobfischer wrote @

Hi Alan, that’s great! Really pleased you’re enjoying it. Make sure you read it outdoors though, you’ll need to take a nice tan back to Leeds with you. 🙂


  Peter Harrower wrote @

Hi …got your book for my birthday and haven’t put it down since and actually have read certain chapters twice. I’m a 50 something sci-fi “geek” but still found your reminises brough back memeories, even though my fandom probably started with XL5 and Super Car, Marvel comics(bottom shelf in those days) and the saturday matinee with Gorgon! Look forward to the sequel( Buffy X-files, Stargate look out)

  bobfischer wrote @

Hi Peter, that’s great – thanks so much! I don’t think I can handle Buffy, sadly… Sorcha is obsessed by it, but it’s all just a bit too slick and expensive-looking for my liking… 😉

  Kris wrote @

someone mentioned this on http://www.discworldstamps.com/forum and rated it highly, also saying i was mentioned!!
So i just finished it and although there aren’t quite that many Iron Maiden tshirts at DW cons… there were a few in 2006!

Hope to see you at another one Bob. We had one this year in Birmingham and it was amazing. Surely you will come again? 😀 What about a tour of the foreign cons. we have DW cons in Ireland Germany Australia and US in 2009……. you know you want to… Barclaycard will understand ……

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