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Welcome To The Wiffle Blog…

Blimey, so this is blogging. I’ve never done it before, and pretty much every attempt I’ve ever made to write a diary has stuttered to a halt around six days into the New Year. As a result, I know lots about the early Januarys of my life, but precious little about the rest.

Anyroad, I thought I’d start this blog to sort of document the release of my first ever book Wiffle Lever To Full!, which is being published on 24th July. I’ve no idea how this is going to go. What if it sells half a million copies and I end up really famous? What if it dies on its arse and I end up working in a cat food warehouse in Thornaby? I’m not sure if I’m really prepared to deal with either scenario.

OK, book update as that’s why we’re here – I spent all day yesterday proof-reading the proper, laid-out pages. It actually looks scarily like a book, but it’s riddled with spelling mistakes and typos. Hopefully I’ve managed to round them all up into little groups and prod them with sticks until they go away. I e-mailed it to that nice Heather Rainbow at Hodder late last night, so I’m waiting to hear back.

Why does everyone in the publishing industry have such brilliant names? Heather Rainbow sounds unbeatable, until I reveal that my agent is called Euan Thorneycroft. Mine sounds far too prosaic by comparison. I’m thinking of becoming either Dirk Syndicate or Galapagos St John for my next project.

Which will probably be that cat food warehouse in Thornaby.