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Sunday Bonus Number 1…

At the request of Mr Orton, a couple of pages from my (completed!) Football ’81 Panini stickerbook… the Sunderland side from the 1980-81 season, including legendary Newcastle manager Sam Allardyce in his much-lamented moustached days!


The books is VERY fragile and a bit too big to fit into my scanner, but I’ve done my best…


If you’d like to see bigger versions, I’ve stuck them on Imageshack… click here for Page 1, and here for Page 2.




  Chris Orton wrote @

You’re a star Bob! Some great names there – Fat Sam, not looking quite so fat back then; Shaun Elliot, later to be our captain; current Hartlepool boss Chris Turner; Claudio Marangoni our expensive Argentinian signing who in the light of events a year later never really took off in this country and Stan Cummins, who along with Eric Gates and Fred Barber are the only three footballers that I know who come from my own home town!

Never heard of John Hawley though…

Many thanks for taking the time to post these Bob.

  bobfischer wrote @

A pleasure!

  PJE_UK wrote @

Little Stan Cummins. A player who jack Charlton said would be the league’s first Miliion Pound Player.

How much did Cheeky Charlie Amer screw out of Sunderland for him ?

  bobfischer wrote @

£300,000! So Jack was only three quarters of a million out… although he was still Sunderland’s record signing at the time!

Forget what anyone tells you about that Brazilian bloke, Stan was Boro’s REAL ‘Little Feller’… 😉

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