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A Little Extra Treat!


I was rummaging around in the loft this afternoon, and I found an ageing brown foolscap folder containing the following long-lost treasures from 1984! Firstly, this… stuck with Blu-Tak onto the back of the folder and dated 20.1.84…

I don’t mention doing this drawing in my diary entry from the day itself (read it here), but I’d love to think that I scribbled away at this while watching Part Two of the Doctor Who story ‘The Awakening’. Then there’s this…


Clearly plans for the model wooden K9 that Doug and I made. These are dated 5.2.84, and they DO get a mention in my diary! (read it here) The pictures here a bit fiddly and faint, so I’ve put a larger version online here if anyone wants a proper look. Notice the Chad, and ‘Poggy Doggy – The Sign Of Good Workmanship’!

And finally, this thing of great beauty…


This must be the front cover for a story I was writing at the time, and if you look very closely you can see a Loonymen (see this entry) standing on top of the ring on the big planet! It’s perfectly possible the text of this story still exists somewhere in the loft, so watch this space in case it turns up…



  Patsy wrote @

You must ransack the loft immediately ! The cover is amazing – if the story is half as good it will definitely be a best seller 🙂

  Fiona Tims wrote @

Your drawings are really good for an 11 year old!!
I demand you stop writing, and start drawing…immediately! ;p

  bobfischer wrote @

Ah, but this was pretty much as good as it ever got! My arty skills never progressed much beyond 1984, so these days I could probably just about match the scribblings shown above, but I couldn’t do anything much better.

Arrested development is a running theme in my life. I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve now been playing the guitar for nearly 20 years, and I’m no better than I was after the first eighteen months. 🙂

  Chris Orton wrote @

Cripes! That K9 drawing is remarkably accurate! Very good stuff Bob.

  bobfischer wrote @

It’ll be copied straight out of Doctor Who Monthly. Or possible even (oh, the shame) traced!

  Dr. Giles Parcel wrote @

If your guitar playing was up to your current standard twenty years ago then you must have been something of a teenage prodigy!

  bobfischer wrote @

Oh don’t be fooled, I can’t do any fiddly bits on the guitar, I can just play a few chords. And I’m not even sure what all the chords are called (although J Minor is my favourite)

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