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Daleks, Death Stars and Dreamy Sci-Fi Nostalgia…

Extracts from Bob’s 1984 Diary… Volume 68

Thursday 8th March 1984

Woke up at 7.50 and got up at 8.00. First at school we had assembly, and when we came out we had to do a picture of a monster and some writing. At 10.10 We went swimming. First we had to do ten lengths. Then they chose people for the gala, and after that we had to swim 20 widths.

Came back at 11.10 and did a picture of a Dogorilla, and at 12.00 I had dinner. In the afternoon I did a monster poem and RE and at 2.00 We went out for football. Got beat 4-1. Came home at 3.15 and wrote some of my story.

4.45 Watched the Book Tower and at 5.15 I watched Happy Days. 5.40 Watched The Adventure game and had tea, and at 6.40 I watched Doctor Who. 7.00 Watched Tommorrow’s World and after that I wrote my story and at 9.00 I went to bed.

Right, stand back Martin Scorcese and – excuse me Mr Coppolla – get behind the barrier. Time for another specially-made 1984 Blog film, and this time I’ve been revisiting the road sign that I used to lean on at approximately 8.30am every weekday as I waited for the bus to Levendale Primary School…

The more I watch this, the more I’m increasingly concerned about that bloke’s exhaust.

I remember a few little minor details about this day. Firstly chatting to Doug in the swimming baths changing room about the previous night’s Minder, and how FANTASTIC Janet Fielding had been in it. It’s obvious, looking back, that I was developing a strange crush on Ms Fielding, which is odd because her replacement Nicola ‘Peri’ Bryant – who, in four weeks of Doctor Who appearances, had seemingly kickstarted an entire generation’s hormones into activity – had made very little impression on me at all at this stage.


I must have a strange fetish for bossy Australian women. I still get a little frisson whenever Germaine Greer appears on Question Time. It wasn’t enough to spur me into contention for the swimming gala though. Presumably the sight of a pale, skinny eleven-year-old gasping to the side of the pool with a thin film of Cheesy Wotsit dust still caked around his mouth wasn’t what Mr Hirst wanted to represent the school in formal competition.  

Not sure what prompted our teachers to turn Thursday 8th March into a bit of a monster-themed day, but my ‘Dogorilla’ was – as you might have guessed – a King Kong-sized gorilla with (yep!) Poggy Doggy’s outsized head plonked on the top. Clearly I wrote a poem about him as well, which I’ll now attempt to recreate with the aid of (yep!) some Pickled Onion Monster Munch…

Take King Kong and keep Godzilla,
They’re not a patch on my Dogorilla.
He’s the toughest monster in town,
His legs are white but his arms are brown.

Are you reading this, WH Auden? Are you? ARE YOU?!?!


Another fine night of vintage 1984 TV. ‘The Book Tower’ was an odd, gothic variation on Jackanory, presenting often creepy narrations (with the odd dramatic bit, I think?) of classic children’s novels. A few years earlier it had been regularly presented by Tom Baker (at the top of an actual tower, possibly?) but I think he’d moved on by 1984, and been replace by (maybe) Stephen ‘Marvin The Paranoid Android’ Moore. I’m really vague on this – can anyone help?

Tomorrow’s World was an institution, of course, and a programme that I loved watching right up until the bitter end. I think the 1984 presenters were Kieran Prendiville,  Maggie Philbin and the indomitable Judith Hann, and it looked – hey! – like this…

Some sensational (if slightly misleading) ZX Spectrum work, there…


Quite a star-studded line-up on The Adventure Game tonight – Noel Edmonds, Fern Britton, and… erm, Ray Virr. Anyone any idea who Ray Virr is? Pretty much the only thing I can find using Google is that… well, he was on The Adventure Game on Thursday 8th March 1984. I was becoming obsessed with the backward-talking Australian Rongad, though – as played brilliantly by Bill Homewood – and Doug and I were now beginning to use backward talk with alarming frequency in our everyday lives.

This might even have been the day I worked out how to sing ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’ (we’d learnt it in Hymn Practice) backwards, and yes… I can still do it… sort of… just about…

This probably makes the Devil appear at the Crossroads Garage. Or something.

Oh, and Part One of The Caves Of Androzani, naturally. I was so excited because I knew it was Peter Davison’s last story! Wait and see what I wrote in my diary on the day he regenerated, it’s a sensation…



  fiona tims wrote @

I don’t remember Fern Britton being on tv in the 80’s-what was she doing?

Wow a clip of Saturday Superstore and Top of the Tops. I taped every editiong of SS that AHA were on haha. I still have all my tapes. Haven’t watched them for a few years, but they’re really hilarious!

  bobfischer wrote @

I think Fern was on BBC1 Breakfast TV by then, doing the odd bit of newsreading and reporting. She’s been around for donkey’s years! 😉

I’d actually buy Saturday Superstore (and Swap Shop) DVD box sets. I want full series collections the size of bungalows.

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