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Extracts from Bob’s 1984 Diary… Volume 20

Friday 20th January 1984

7.40 Woke up 8.00 Got up and wrote some of the book and then at 9.30 I went to school. The first thing I did at school was do yesterday’s maths and then me and Ozzie went into the library and started to do the flow chart for a new book that we were writing called ice world adventure.

12.00 had dinner and then after dinner me and Ozzie did some research on fog. After that I rigged up a motor with Doug, and me and Ozzie wrote some more of the book. At 3.15 I came home and wrote some of the guardian of goblin grotto.

When I had done that I had tea and then after tea I played on the videopac until 6.40, When I watched the last part of the Doctor Who adventure ‘The awakening’, after that at 7.00 I watched The A-Team and then at 8.00 I played on the Videopac. 10.00 Went to bed.

Typical bloody writers – we did three days work on one book, then got bored and started planning another one instead! You have to admire our ambition. If not quite our attention spans. I’m thrilled to say that, unlike The Guardian Of Goblin Grotto, the mysterious ‘Ice World Adventure’ actually exists in some small way.

Well, alright, it’s a very small way… I still have the folder we kept it in! This is it…


If you squint and look closely, you can just about make out ‘ICEWORLD ADVENTURE’ across the top, and the little bit underneath says ‘A Fighting Fantasy’ with a picture of a cartoon dagger next to it. Needless to say, nothing whatsoever remains of the actual book. Not a sausage. But – and I’m sticking my neck out here – I’m guessing it was a bit of an adventure. Set – wait for it – on a world. A world – you’ll never guess – that’s not altogether noted for its tropical temperatures.

Anyway, it was clearly so riveting that we quickly gave it up to do ‘some research on fog’. They really knew how to fire our keen, young imaginations at school, didn’t they? ‘See that thick, grey stuff out there? Go and do some research on it. But don’t bring any back in with you, you’ll set the school fog alarms off…’


I vaguely remember Doug and I rigging up that motor. Rest assured, we weren’t being let loose on Mrs Keasey’s 2CV here, just tinkering with a few little electrical circuits in the end room… our teachers were very keen that we had a rudimentary grasp of how to lash up a couple of HP11 batteries to a tiny motor or a 10w bulb using a pair of crocodile clips. And we were usually so successful at this that we had plenty of time afterwards to chase Wendy Brunskill around the library with the crocodile clips making ‘Wanghwanghwangh’ noises and attempting to chew her hair bobbles with them.


I’ve also just remembered about the little diagrams we had to draw to show how our circuits worked, full of squiggly symbols and stuff. After some serious brain-racking and a teensy bit of internet searching, I’m pretty sure they looked like this…


I appreciate this is undoubtedly the most boring set of illustrations I’ve presented since the day this blog began, but hey – life isn’t all Monster Munch and verrucas.

Look out for the first 1984 blog films coming tomorrow! Tell your friends… and if you don’t have any friends then tip off a few of your enemies instead.


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