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Daleks, Death Stars and Dreamy Sci-Fi Nostalgia…

The Rincewind Of Change

I’ve been rumbled by the Discworld lot! Hello to the charming bunch at the Cunning Artificer forum, who seem to have recently discovered Wiffle Lever and been very nice about it so far. This includes the lovely Kris, who kindly talked Sorcha and me through an eight-hour real ale session while standing at a pub table with the head of Thieves’ Guild. Hello! I’ve also discovered, slightly worryingly, that the scary, beardy, barbarian standing on a double yellow line in the colour picture section has seen the picture himself. Apparently he’s called Butcher, and I’m desperately hoping it’s because he runs a friendly little village meat shop.

The Discworld Convention was kind of my dark night of the soul – it was amazing, and everyone was lovely, but it came after a back-breaking run of convention weekends and I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got there, and barely capable of speech and movement by the time I left. So I spent a bit of it being quite grumpy, which is very unlike me. Looking back, the main cause of my grumpiness seemed to be the proliferation of Iron Maiden T-Shirts on display – which is odd, because I like a bit of Ver Maiden myself. So I might well dig out my faded ‘Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son’ T-shirt and head down to the Discworld Wincanton weekend in December to attempt a bit of reconciliation.

The Discworld convention also provided me with a story that currently holds the Wiffle Lever record for encouraging friends to prod me in the ribs and say ‘admit it – you made that bit up, didn’t you?’. In the Discworld chapter, we meet a lovely man called Dave and his even lovelier wife Ali. Dave is a strapping bull of a man who – at conventions – dresses up in size eleven heels and a Penelope Keith hairpiece and becomes, brilliantly, his glamorous alter ego Davina Dress.

Yes, that’s right – Dave in a dress.

None of my friends seem to believe this at all, so I was delighted the other week when Dave and Ali got in touch to say they’d enjoyed the book, and were happy to provide photographic evidence for the blog! So here you go… friends, send your apologies please on the back of a giant space turtle to the usual address…


Think very carefully before you add comments to the bottom of this blog – Davina will be watching you, and she’s a big girl…

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