Wiffle Lever To Full!

Daleks, Death Stars and Dreamy Sci-Fi Nostalgia…

Attack Of The Mutant Telephones

I forgot to say, I found a couple more nice reviews of Wiffle Lever the other day, one of which will probably end up on the back of the dinky paperback edition! It’ll be out in April 2009, in case you were wondering. And it’ll still be out in April 2009 even if you weren’t wondering.

It got a really nice write-up in The Gay Times, and the reviewer also wondered why so many out gay men also turned out to be closeted sci-fi fans. Doctor Who definitely has a huge gay following, and I did once ask the question to a couple of gents at a convention, but I’m afraid I was so drunk I can’t remember the answer. Although, to be fair, they were hardly closeted sci-fi fans as they were both wearing Dalek and Cybermen T-shirts at the time.

Anyway, the Gay Times called the book ‘a joyous irreverent celebration of Britain’s secret love of the bizarre’ which made me feel all warm, so thanks to their nameless but very kind reviewer!

And thanks also to the Nottingham Evening Post, who said ‘It’s hilarious… for anyone who has ever liked any of this stuff, there’s laughter and nostalgia aplenty’. I don’t know what the correlation between Nottingham residents and closeted sci-fi fans is, although I did once spend a night sleeping in my car on a backstreet in Beeston, and that’s definitely something I like to keep quiet about. Anyroadup, I’ve put a few more choice quotes on the ‘What’s Wiffle Lever To Full!’ page (look to your right) if anyone wants a shuftie.

Anyhoo… must dash as I have to wipe the dust off my guitar and practise the four chords that I can actually play with any degree of precision. Yes, I have a gig tonight – with the full Bob Fischer Band, and we’re supporting the brilliant MJ Hibbett at The Waiting Room. MJ is the twisted, cult genius whose musical tribute to the ZX Spectrum ‘Hey Hey 16K’ clocked up three million downloads, and the Waiting Room is a great little restaurant turned music venue in Eaglescliffe, near Stockton-on-Tees.

If anyone fancies a wander down tonight then it’d be lovely to see you. This might actually be my last gig for quite a while, as I’m planning to a) write another book b) make a disco-funk album called ‘Fishfinger Travesty’ and c) dig out my ZX Spectrum and try, once and for all, to get to Level 20 of Manic Miner.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.



  Nathan wrote @

I can do Level 20 of Minc Miner – it’s quite simple.

Level 19 is the bugger!

  bobfischer wrote @

Is Level 19 the Solar Power Generator where that bloody lightning flash keeps sapping the oxygen? I’ve completed it before, but it was 25 years ago when my reflexes were much sharper.

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