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Sir Gerald Nabarro Has A Pet Prawn Called Simon

I forgot to mention, I had a lovely afternoon on Thursday with my old school friend Paul Hayes, who appears throughout lots of the latter half of ‘Wiffle Lever To Full!’. He’s my Monty Python comrade-in-arms, partly to blame for driving poor Mr Dillon (our physics teacher) round the bend throughout 1988 with endless recitals of the ‘Fish Licenses’ sketch from Series 2 Episode 10, but he was also the evil Dungeons and Dragons gamesmaster responsible for the demise of my beloved Hamwise Beardribbler in the Discworld chapter. 

Although neither of us have moved away from Yarm for any serious length of time, we’ve barely spoken since we left sixth form in June 1991. But – having read Wiffle Lever and denied everything in it – he contacted me this week to say he and his family were leaving the North-East for good, so did I fancy a pint before they went?

So we did. We sat in the Black Bull for two hours amidst giddy, Blue WKD-fuelled GCSE students and reminisced. And it was brilliant to see him again, and – to my delight – he thrust a blue carrier bag in my hand containing the three Monty Python VHS videos that I’d bought from Stockton’s WH Smiths in the Summer of 1988, lent to Paul in the Summer of 1989, and never seen since.

So here, for the benefit of the increasing flow of punters coming to this blog looking for Abi Titmuss material, is a racy picture to at least partly reward you for your effort. Two of the returned videos being modelled by our sultry Teesside pipe-smoking model Mr Raymond Luxury-Yacht. Although it is, of course, pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove.

And yes, this is currently earmarked for ‘November’ in the 2009 Wiffle Lever To Full! Calender.


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Just be thankful I didn’t try to incorporate the third video into the act somewhere.

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Oh do pipe down, Bignose!

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