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Daleks, Death Stars and Dreamy Sci-Fi Nostalgia…

Radio Is A Sound Salvation

Another barmy week gone by, and if you’ve listened to local radio anywhere in the UK this week then there’s a fair chance you’ve heard me burbling on about Doctor Who, beans-on-toast, Jedi Chefs, Han Solo action figures frozen in Robinson’s Orange Squash and Swindon shopping centres. Sorry – I’ve been doing the rounds a bit!

They’ve all been great fun, but special mention goes to Marie-Louise Muir on BBC Radio Ulster’s Arts Extra show, who went the extra mile and actually played the audio of Tom Baker’s regeneration into Peter Davison before interviewing me! I chanted along to every word (‘He was the Doctor all the time’) and by the time I had to speak I was a blubbering wreck.

Oh, and I was on Steve Wright In The Afternoon on Radio 2 on Friday. I couldn’t listen live myself, but I knew I’d been on because at 4.10pm I was bombarbed with texts from friends I hadn’t spoken to for years, all saying, in essence, exactly the same thing – ‘F*** me, was that you on Steve Wright In The Afternoon’?

And in the meantime there’s a really nice review of Wiffle in the new issue of SFX magazine, and it contains the best thing I’ve read about it so far… ‘Will give anyone from the era of Spam fritters and Blue Riband biscuits a Proustian rush’. I want it on the cover of the next edition. It’s hard to imagine Marcel Proust eating a Spam fritter in his cork-lined bedroom (it would probably bring his athsma on) but if he had, then I imagine À La Recherche Du Temps Perdu might have been a very different work indeed.

Oh, and it also said I specialised in ‘bathetic details’ which I had to look up in a dictionary to find out what it meant. But now that I have, I agree with it.



  Rullsenberg wrote @

Picked up the book last weekend in London. I’d had it on my wants list after having read the review from those lovely people at Behind the Sofa 😉

Tellingly my partner texted me when we had gone on our individual moochings through a bookshop (him in the front display section and me off to the Media and TV section): “I’ve found the perfect book for you” he wrote. Imagine my grin when he presented me with your book.

Devoured over the next few days, I giggled alarmingly loudly as I read it and have already recommended it widely (including here).

So thanks. And it’s good to find another vanilla slice fan.

  bobfischer wrote @

That’s lovely, thanks so much! I’m really pleased you enjoyed it – and thanks for spreading the world.

Vanilla slices rock, but they’re not as nice as dark chocolate Kit-Kats.

  Rullsenberg wrote @

Truly you are a man who thinks like me (worrying, isn’t it!?) as dark choc kit kats are the bees-knees!


ta for the visit at my place. I very much appreciate that the book was hard work to write and research – doesn’t make it any less funny mind (indeed, empathies on the spending money you do not have in the name of sci-fi. It frightens me sometimes how my money has disappeared* each month)

* I have learnt from you the need to spell ‘disappeared’ correctly!

  bobfischer wrote @

If dark chocolate Kit-Kats were available in Chunky form, I could die a happy man.

It was a pleasure to write, really. I love it. 🙂

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