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Never turn down a free launch…

Woah! Cough! Splutter! Crikey! I had a minor asthma attack this morning when my friend Phil e-mailed me the below picture, taken today in the Chichester branch of Waterstones…

Waterstones Wiffle

Yes, it’s Wiffle Lever To Full!, nestling on the Summer promotions table between Stephen King and Terry Pratchett! The official release date remains 24th July, but Waterstones have got their stock, and – dammit – they’re going to sell the hell out of it. That last sentence works best if you read it in the voice of John Wayne.

So there you go… I’m on the shelf. Not for the first time in my life. Both amazing and terrifying to see, though! If anyone else sees any more Wiffle books on display anywhere, then snap a picture and post it here for us all to have a look at. And then we can vote on which bookshop has the nicest stickers and the tidiest display.

And! And! And! News of an official London launch. I’d expected something a bit grotty and low-key (in keeping with the previous 35 years of existance I’ve had on this planet), but NO! The nice Mr Hodder & Mr Stoughton have pulled out the stops again, and we’re having a proper swanky bash at (drum roll…)

The Forbidden Planet London Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8JR.

6pm-7pm, Wednesday 23rd July.

Then off for drinkies somewhere afterwards, providing I can find a West End pub that serves Workie Ticket on draught. If not, then I’m going home in a huff and I’m taking my unsold books with me.

But come along! There will be readings, murmurings, signings and wafflings, and I’ll draw pictures of anything you like. Providing it’s not spiders or clothes hangers, I have a slight phobia of both. Spiders ON clothes hangers gave me the screaming heebie-jeebies. And we might even have Imperial Stormtroopers serving almond slices and Blue Nun. Who can say?

There are a few of these strange events looming up, so I’ve been amazingly pro-active and made a new blog page entitled ‘READINGS, SIGNINGS AND WAFFLINGS’ (it’s over there, on the right) to keep you posted with these things. I’ll update it in John Wayne’s voice as regularly as possible.

Late Night Line-Up

Bossk arrived at the front door this morning! And so did Walrus Man. Not in person, naturally – no, we’re talking Star Wars figures again. If the real Walrus Man had turned up in person then the dog would have had his flippers for breakfast. Grrrrr! But yes, the Ebay collection is still growing slowly, and I’ll shortly be turning my attention to Obi-Wan Kenobi (original 1977 Hong Kong imprint grey hair version, please). Not that I’m overtly fussy about these things.

In Wiffle terms, it’s been an odd couple of days in that (gasp) OTHER PEOPLE are reading the book as we speak. Or at least I’m guessing they are, although it’s entirely possible they’ve all just used it as a handy prop for a succession of wobbly tables.  But I have a small box of Wiffle Levers in the front room, and have so far dished out copies to my friend Wez (who’s in Chapters 2, 5 and 10), my friend Stuart (Chapters 2, 5 and 6), and my friend Pete, who isn’t in the book at all but he once played bass for David Bowie so naturally he has special dispensation.

Oh and my parents have a copy as well, and are no doubt thumbing through it saying ‘That’s not true… that’s not true… that’s not true either…’ before investigating the possibility of actually taking out libel action against a member of their immediate family. And I’ve today ordered another 100 copies, which I had to (brace yourself) PAY FOR. So if anyone would like a signed and personalised copy in exchange for an entirely reasonable £10, then feel to drop me a line before they start clogging up the dog’s living space. I’ll even draw pictures on it if you like.

In the meantime, I’m still tentatively working on a potential second book, and it now contains the immortal line ‘Would you like a Mini Muffin, Stormwatch?’ which I actually heard spoken by my friend Matthew, who’s in Chapters 3, 4, 6 and 9 of Wiffle Lever To Full!.

And the epilogue.

*taps nose*