Wiffle Lever To Full!

Daleks, Death Stars and Dreamy Sci-Fi Nostalgia…

Back, Cracked and Knackered…

Just a quick check-in as my life seems to have gone a bit bonkers this week!

Firstly, huge thanks to everyone who has forsaken the glorious weather to come and see me in person these last few days. We had a fantastic launch at the Forbidden Planet store in London on Wednesday, attended by (amongst many others) John ‘Mike Read… TARDIS Wendy House’ Williams, genius cult singer-songwriter MJ Hibbett, Jedi Chef JMC 101, a New Zealand man called Phil who made me draw K-9 on his book insert, and my old school friend Chris Selden, who I hadn’t seen since August 1987 when we were dragged apart kicking and screaming, still shouting Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy quotes at each other.

Klebba Obion and I then held court in a swelteringly hot Borders on Teesside Park on Saturday afternoon, and I had about three hours sleep before dragging the cardboard robots, Klebba, and a two-hour stand-up and slide show routine to a packed-out Waiting Room – my favourite veggie restaurant-cum-arts venue. It was heaving, and the pictures of Jimmy Savile got the biggest laughs of the night. For my next book, I’m not going to bother writing anything, I’m just going to collect loads of pictures of Jimmy Savile. In a book. It’ll be called ‘The Jimmy Savile Picture Book’ and it’ll be on the New York Times Bestseller List within minutes.

So now I’m back home and I’m throwing myself into more media circus nonsense… apologies to all who caught me chuntering on about vintage Star Wars figures in margerine tubs to the lovely Sean Rowley on BBC London today! Tomorrow I’m on BBC Scotland’s Radio Cafe at about 1.30pm, and then on Friday (bestill my beating heart!) it’s Steve Wright In The Afternoon.

And in the meantime, here are five things I’ve learnt since my last blog entry…

1. Steve Wright suffers from terrible hay fever.
2. Kanye West once tried to pack a ten-man entourage into the smallest lift in the world at BBC’s Western House. 
3. My farmhand-sized shoulders don’t really fit into a medium-sized Jedi Chef cloak.
4. Leslie Brown’s toyshop in Stockton gets a bigger cheer than Romer Parrish’s toyshop in Middlesbrough.
5. A prominent member of Hodder & Stoughton’s TV tie-in team used to have childhood nightmares about the appearance of Rolf Harris’ foot at the end of the 1970s ‘Learn To Swim’ Public Information film. This one, in fact…

Sweet dreams, all…!


  Duchess wrote @

You evil, evil man! I can’t believe you’ve posted that video… I haven’t even watched it but seeing Rolf sat there like that with his hair wet has already brought me out in a cold sweat!

BTW this ISN’T a prominent member of the H&S team, this is someone else who’s terrified of that damn foot! There’s more of us about, I’m convinced of it…. Can we start a support group?

  bobfischer wrote @

My ‘Rolf Harris Foot Anthology’ is the planned follow-up to ‘The Jimmy Savile Picture Book’.

  Drew Smith wrote @

That is one bizzarre double jointed foot he has there.

  bobfischer wrote @

It’s a perfectly ordinary-looking foot. It must be you that’s the freak.

  Drew Smith wrote @

I resemble that remark!

  Drew Smith wrote @

Just had a thought; it would have been much scarier if they got Dudley Moore in to do this instead of Rolf.

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