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Obsessive Compulsive Update

I might have mentioned this before, but for the last few months I’ve been trawling through Ebay trying to replace all the vintage Star Wars figures that I sold in 1986 to pay for a ZX Spectrum game called Alien 8. Which was worth it, as it’s a great game, but now I want my Star Wars figures back! I keep chipping away at them, but unfortunately a couple of weeks ago I realised that my vintage figure of Lobot (he’s Lando Calrissian’s hitman in Cloud City) had come without his Bespin Blaster weapon. Luckily, after slogging through a few more auctions, I managed to find a seperate gun for him to tote on the spare room shelf, and this morning the two of them were happily united.

So here he is, posing before the (ahem) Cloud City CD collection in all his blaster-wielding glory…

Lobot totes his Bespin Blaster...

As you can see, Lando Calrissian is pretty fond of John Otway and Gene Pitney. In fact, if anyone can name all the CDs in that picture, then I’ll send you a little prize (but don’t complain to me if Fun-Size Topics melt in the post…)

Anyway I’m off on another half-baked expedition in the morning, so keep this place tidy. Can someone bring the milk in on Saturday, and put the bins out on Sunday night? Ta.


  Wez Jr wrote @

Unfortunately I sold all my figures last year Me Fischer, otherwise I would’ve helped you out (I even had a Stormtrooper in Hoth battle gear with the original plastic cape! – caused quite a stir on EBay I can tell you).
I have got a Dengar you can have though. Nobody wanted to buy him. Bandaged wrapped bounty hunters aren’t very popular it seems.
Lando is my favourite figure. He looks so cheerful. big cheesy grin beneath that bristling moustache…quite the ladies man!

  bobfischer wrote @

Awwww, I’ve got Dengar! Thanks for the offer, though. Mine only cost 99p and he stinks of fags.

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