Wiffle Lever To Full!

Daleks, Death Stars and Dreamy Sci-Fi Nostalgia…

Woofkinses and Pusskinses

OK, back in action… phew, that was a manic week or two. I’ve spent years as a bona fide bone idler, and literally done nothing whatsover with my life but watch daytime television, gorge myself on Jamaican Ginger Cake and think up ever-more elaborate excuses as to why my NatWest overdraft is spiralling out of control. And then suddenly, in the last couple of months, I’ve started getting deluged with offers to do stuff. Proper stuff, like work. It’ll never catch on.

So I’ve suddenly found myself working on a second book. I won’t say what it’s about yet in case it never comes to pass and I end up looking (more of a) fool, but needless to say it involves me travelling around the country a lot – again – and equally needless to say I’ve decided to start it in the midst of the UK’s latest crippling petrol strike. So if, at the end of next week, I suddenly find myself stranded in Wiltshire (ooh – a clue!) then please auction off this blog to the highest bidder and give the resulting £3.47 to the Blue Cross Animal Shelter at Topcliffe. I give most of my money to them, anyway. I love da ickle woofkinses and pusskinses.

In the meantime – some Wiffle news! All of you Teessidey people, I’m doing readings from the book a mere two days after release in Borders at Teesside Park, at 2pm. Saturday 26th July. That’s halfway between Middlesbrough and Stockton, near a road that has always been known locally as ‘The Wilderness’ although I don’t think Jesus ever spent forty days and forty nights there. Not all in one go, anyway. I’m hoping Klebba Obion and the cardboard robots might come down as well, but I haven’t asked them yet, and the robots have started getting offers of better work since their film appearances. Anyway, come along! And see the sight of an overweight 35-year-old man reading stories about Blake’s 7 to baffled-looking pensioners searching for the latest Barbara Taylor Bradford.

I’m now going to leave it 24 hours, come back this time tomorrow, and see how many people have chanced upon this blog by searching for ‘Barbara Taylor Bradford’ in Google.

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