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Big Woolly Dog Costumes For Humans

These blogs are sneaky little things, and give you all kinds of interesting statistics behind the scenes. For instance, if anyone comes to this site as a direct result of using Google, I can find out exactly what phrase they put into Google to get here.

Usually it’s nothing devastatingly interestingly, but the results from the other morning morning made me laugh so loud that hot chocolate came down my nose. This is what people had been putting into Google early on Tuesday to find this site…

There’s clearly a gap in the market, and if the book doesn’t sell then it’s a gap I intend to fill. That’s right… I’ll go into business making fluffy Alan Garner dolls.

Euan Thorneycroft, by the way, is my agent. He’s delighted that he’s building such a dedicated fanbase, especially amongst the kind of people that like dressing up in big woolly dog costumes for humans.

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