Wiffle Lever To Full!

Daleks, Death Stars and Dreamy Sci-Fi Nostalgia…

I Am A Leaf Driven By The Wind…

…and I’m blowing back to the Robin Of Sherwood convention next weekend!

Big thanks to organisers Les and Sue who have kindly allowed me to wander down to Nottingham next Saturday to meet all the friends I made at Legend 2006, and to shamble onstage to do a few readings from the Robin Of Sherwood chapter of Wiffle. I’m now frantically wondering whether I’ve got the guts to go there and reveal that Mark “Nasir” Ryan’s transatlantic phone message last time around made me cry… knowing full well that he’s there in person this year!

I blame it on the white wine.

I’m also torn as to whether to take The Curse-d Dolls with me. As regular blog-readers (both of you) will know, these little woollen terrors have blighted my life with their double-stitched evil ever since I drunkenly bought them at 2006’s charity auction. I might just take Nasir, providing I can find a lead-lined casket to keep him in.

But the biggest dilemma of all is… do I do it in my Friar Tuck outfit?   



  Drew Smith wrote @

I would take the dolls back and auction them off onto some poor unsuspecting soul. Don’t dare drive down with them though, you’ll end up in a mangled pile of metal along some motorway.

  bobfischer wrote @

…if I’m lucky.

  John Williams wrote @

Are you going to write a follow-up book based on your experiences of attending sci-fi conventions as an invited guest? I think there’s mileage in that.

  bobfischer wrote @

Fantastic, a self-perpetuating recursive literary chronic hysteresis?

Erm, yeah, I’m up for that!

  Barnaby Eaton-Jones wrote @

Why not call it ‘Chronic Hysteresis Ate My Doctor Who Scarf’ and wipe Toby Hadoke from existence!!

I’m even more gutted now that me and my little theatre group aren’t able to perform ‘RoS: The Musical’ at Legend 2008. Bugger. We could’ve listened to your reading and back-handed you a fiver to include us in the next book!! Tee hee.

Have a great time. Say hi to Fiona, Les, Pete and Sue from me. I’m having withdrawl pangs now.

Or that might be the curry I had for tea.

  bobfischer wrote @

I’d never want to wipe Toby from existance, he’s lovely!

But yes, I’ll say hello to the (ahem) Sherwood massive for you. And for a fiver you’d get a mention in at least the next three books (I’m that cheap).

  Barnaby Eaton-Jones wrote @

Do you know Toby?! We were his ‘warm-up’ show for the Dimensions 2006 convention appearance. Haven’t actually met him but honestly wasn’t being nasty about him!! Caught a bit of his show but, by then, had a few to drink and it just seemed like he was shouting a lot and I was getting a headache!! Looking forward to listening to the BBC7 version of his show (when I finally get round to listening to my copy!).

Do indeed say hello to the Sherwood Massive – I’m sure they’ll be very Merry to know you can claim a spot in your next book for a fiver. Ha ha.

I’m hoping if I send you a postal order for £25, that means you also have to mention me in daily life every other month for the rest of your life as well. It’s a thought!

Have fun this weekend.

  bobfischer wrote @

Yeah, I know him a bit – I do a local radio show, and he’s been on a couple of times, and I’ve seen his live show as well and had a chat. It’s actually an excellent show, and Toby’s a nice guy.

And yes, I’ll say hello to everyone for you!

PS Paypal is easier than a postal order if that’s OK. 😉

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