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Cribbins Wonderment

I bought a vintage Lando Calrissian action figure for £5.50 (plus £1.95 p&p) on Ebay today. It was to console myself for having a lousy couple of days in which oil started pouring out of my car engine only slightly faster than dirty water started trickling from a burst drain under the drive. I adopted my usual manly approach to domestic disaster and hid in the spare room cuddling my Darth Vader Mr Potato Head and rocking gently backwards and forth.

Anyway, nice to see Doctor Who back on TV tonight, especially as the episode featured the mighty Bernard Cribbins in a crucial role. I was brought up watching great old British comedy flicks like ‘The Wrong Arm Of The Law’ with my dad, so Cribbins was a huge part of my childhood – with his dulcet tones also gracing lovely old things like The Wombles and Jackanory. It’s always exciting to see him pop up on TV, and the very sound of his voice makes me want to curl up in front of an open fire with a glass of warm milk and just be four years old again. Oliver Postgate’s voice has the same effect.

Luvvie Alert: Back in 1999, I somehow managed to get nominated for a Sony Radio Award, and as I shambled into the glittering Grosvenor Hotel, Bernard Cribbins was the first person I saw, standing in the foyer. As I walked past, a beautiful middle-aged lady ran up to him and threw her arms around him. It took me a second to realise it was Jenny Agutter, and I thought “Awww, that’s nice… they must be old friends. I wonder if they haven’t seen each other for a while?”

Four hours, ten glasses of champagne and a bottle of red wine later, I sat bolt upright at our dinner table and shouted “Bugger me, The Railway Children!!!” Chris Eubank, sitting at the adjacent table, looked a little bit startled.

Anyway, it’s late now, so I’m off to beddy byes. If anyone’s passing by Facebook on their way home from a night out, I’ve added a load of pictures of my convention travels to the “Wiffle Lever To Full!” group. The Spanish Inquisition are worth the entrance money alone.



  Raf Uzar wrote @

Cribbins is most certainly a God. I would lurve to get my hands on at least one of his albums:
“Hole In The Ground” (1962);
“Right Said Fred” (1962) or
“Gossip Calypso” (1962).

  bobfischer wrote @

Me too! I’ve heard bits and pieces from them, but never a full album. Should we write to EMI to demand a box set?

  Drew Smith wrote @

Well if a company decided to put out a double bill of Jim Dale albums on CD they may as well release Cribbins!

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