Wiffle Lever To Full!

Daleks, Death Stars and Dreamy Sci-Fi Nostalgia…

That Rogue Fourth Question…

I’ve now realised that in addition to the three I listed yesterday, there’s a rogue fourth question that’s started to be asked. What does ‘Wiffle Lever To Full!’ mean and which show is it from?

The answer, as with so many of the important issues in life, is Blake’s 7. Sort of. In the show’s rehearsals, when actor Steven Pacey couldn’t remember the actual lines of psychobabble, he would replace it with things like “Reverse the polarity of the winky winky generator!” and “Wiffle lever to full!” the latter of which stuck in my mind, and became a bit of a mental catchphrase on my travels.

So whenever I was required to overtake a Tesco delivery wagon at 3am on the way back from the Hinckley Island Hotel or wherever, I would hammer my fists on the steering wheel and shout “Wiffle lever to full!” in the car. I believe most healthy, 35-year-old men indulge in similar behaviour.


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