Wiffle Lever To Full!

Daleks, Death Stars and Dreamy Sci-Fi Nostalgia…

Shirts & Underpants

Nothing much to report on the Wiffle front today, although I have done some ironing. Which is more of a shirt front.

I can’t think of any amusing link between ironing and science fiction, but if anybody else can then feel free. I’ll laugh politely and pretend I’ve forgotten it, then in eighteen months time it’ll appear uncredited in my next book.

Heheheheheheheheheh (evil laugh)



  Fandango wrote @

The ‘evil laugh’ at the end of your post here Bob reads more like a John Inman off ‘Are you being served?’ style laugh.

Everyone knows that an evil laugh reads as follows:



Fan x

  bobfischer wrote @

It’s a camp evil laugh. If you read on to future entries, I admit I’m not very good at being sinister. I’m too fat and hairy. You need to be skinny and bald to really be sinister, like Nosferatu. And Moby.

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