Wiffle Lever To Full!

Daleks, Death Stars and Dreamy Sci-Fi Nostalgia…

You Oughtta Be In Pictures…

OK, some good news and some bad news. The good news – Hodder have suggested making some little viral Wiffle films to put onto Youtube in the run-up to the book being published!  The bad news – they wanted to use some of my Star Wars action figures, and asked if I could put them in the post.

Of course, this caused problems. I trust Luke Skywalker to learn the ways of the force and become a Jedi, bringing down the might of the evil Empire by destroying their Death Star command base single-handed and then defeating their head honcho in face-to-face combat. I don’t trust him to make it safely from Middlesbrough to London in a Royal Mail jiffy bag.

Thankfully, I’m reliably informed that Star Wars action figures were available in London back in the 1970s, so they should be able to find some down there. In the meantime I want to make something up here as well, and am busily “roping in” (with real ropes) some of my media tart friends to help.

If anyone from Pixar or Industrial Light and Magic is reading this, and fancies a couple of hours of unpaid work in Middlesbrough on a weekday afternoon, feel free to get in touch.   



  Curtis wrote @

😀 I saw the date of this post and assumed it was going to be a wind-up but no, you’re going to make your own star wars action figure mini-movie! At least I hope you are…

Get those nice chaps at Hairymex involved, and maybe some schoolkids via Mr Pincott, if you dare leave your collectibles in the hands of sticky Wham bar covered fingers.

Any help yours truly can dish with the Wiffle just let me know matey – am looking forward to this book sir.

Yours in the Hodder stable

Mr Bling (kiss kiss bang bang)

  bobfischer wrote @

Thanks mate! No idea what’s happening with the wee fillums as we speak, but I’ll definitely try to involve the Animex Cru (as we young people call them) if it requires inanimate things to be animated… great call!

And cheers for the kind words – you need to ask Hodder to let you out of that stable, though.

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